The Site

Every year we organise two Autumn Clear Up days and ask everyone to help with tidying up the whole site. This year we’ll be on site on Saturday 5 October and Sunday 20 October, from 10am-4pm. Come help for any or all of the time.

When you arrive, please come to the shelter where there will be a list of jobs that need doing and a Committee member to help co-ordinate who does what.

Please bring your own tools – especially power strimmers and electric hedge trimmers but also shears, loppers, saws, pruners, forks, rakes, or anything else that might be useful. We will provide fuel for two stroke power tools.

When deciding what to do with unwanted rubbish, please observe this order of priorities:

  1. Your compost heap will take green and brown vegetable material.
  2. The bonfire near the car park is the place for perennial weeds, useless bits of wood, etc
  3. A place for scrap metal will be reserved near the skip and someone will collect it.
  4. The skip at the turning circle is the place for stuff that will not go in 1, 2 or 3. Please note that the skip is for waste material only drawn from the allotment.

We hope for good weather but if it is not suitable – for example when heavy rain has occurred or is forecast – we will alert you by email the day before.

Tips and tools of the trade

Allotment growing

Growing fruit and veg is as much about practice as knowledge. Stick it out for a few seasons, and you’ll be amazed at how good you get, and how much produce you’ll get off your plot.growing calendar

A good starting point is a growing calendar – this one is from Thompson and Morgan. Click on the image to see it larger.

But if you want guides to growing, we can recommend Allotment: Month by Month by Alan Buckingham.


All green and brown vegetable material should be composted or burned on your plot. Burning only really works for dry things, and for perennial weeds that you want to make sure never pop up again. Most other growing material can be composted.

If you need a compost bin, you can get the black dalek type through the Oxfordshire Waste Partnership for a reasonable price. If you’d like something different, check one of the garden centres, or pop over to Garden Organic, where they have a wide selection of styles for you to look at, and have a chat with them. If you’re very unsure about composting, have a chat with a Master Composter!

Keeping your compost rotting away is by and large a doddle. But here’s some material about keeping it happy, things you can do to help, and things you might want to avoid.


Because the allotments are quite close to the Cherwell River, we do get occasional flooding. The winter of 2012-13 was quite wet, as was the summer of 2009. However, we do not suffer overmuch from flooding, and when we do get flooding it leaves fertile sediments behind. So, not all bad news.


More about seasonality to come!