About us

The Marston Ferry and Blackhall Allotment Society was formed by merger in 1981 when St John’s College, the owners of both sites, sold the former Blackhall farm site to the developer Charles Church for housing.

The current site is situated on the north side of Marston Ferry Road, between Cherwell School playing fields and a meadow that extends eastward to the River Cherwell. The soil is very productive when well cared for. There are 51 full plots [approx. size] but several of them are divided into half, one third, or quarter-size areas. The waiting list fluctuates, but has been relatively short for the past few years.

New members are normally offered a half plot or less in the first instance. Rents currently range from [£13 to £32] per annum, based on the plot size; the rent is payable in March each year, or on being allocated a plot. The Society’s rental income covers the rent we pay to St John’s and a number of incidental expenses. Deer have been a problem recently, but have now been effectively excluded by fencing, the cost of which was partly paid for from the Society’s funds and partly from voluntary donations by members. Other expenses include the provision of a skip for the annual clear-up days (early October), in which all members are expected to participate, and the purchase of a large amount of compost from the City Council’s Parks Department that is freely available to members in early Spring.

Plot enquiries should be addressed to the secretary at marstonferry@gmail.com.

The allotment committee meets monthly, usually on the first Sunday morning of the month. It currently consists of the following members:

Chair: Gillian Morriss-Kay (plot 35)
Secretary: Gill Edwards (plot 32)
Treasurer: Paul Blay (plot 38)
Members: Clive Booth (plot 48a),  Gary Gray (plot 24), Brian and Faith Fiddian  and Tom Stross (plot 49)

Want to know what the committee is has been up to? You can find minutes from previous meetings here.